Badlands accepts submissions of Poetry (up to six poems per submission) Fiction (7500 words max) Non-Fiction (7500 words max), and visual art.

At present, Badlands is also seeking submissions of writing and visual art exploring place and the environment.

Text files should be in doc, docx, or pdf formats.

Please include a cover page with your name, word and page count, the title and genre of the work, and a brief bio (50 words). Please do not using running headers with your name in the actual submission, as readings are blind.

Visual art submissions should be high-resolution TIFF files or JPEGs (300 dpi, or higher).

Badlands accepts submissions in multiple genres (e.g. 5 poems and a short story) and simultaneous submissions.

Badlands is now accessible through the CSUSB-PDC at webpage

Payment: Sadly, Badlands can't yet afford to pay contributors.

Questions? Email Stephen Lehigh:

Badlands Literary Journal